Second generation EA888 timing chain lifespan


For netizens who want to purchase Passat for 13 or 14 years, how to check the condition of the car is their concern. I personally believe that the new Passat is an excellent performance model, but it must be regularly maintained and repaired. For example, if there is a slight leakage of antifreeze, it needs to be repaired in a timely manner, otherwise it may cause the water temperature to be too high.

The following are the possible faults and solutions for the second-generation EA888 engine:

1. Engine burns oil

It is common for second-generation EA888 engines to burn engine oil, which may be due to a broken exhaust valve, but more often it is due to issues with piston rings and valve oil seals.

2. Engine chain replacement

The chain life of the second-generation EA888 engine is approximately 150000 kilometers, and it is recommended to replace it according to the mileage. For Passat, when the camshaft phase exceeds plus or minus 3 degrees, it indicates that the chain has been stretched.

3. Water pump leakage

Leakage of the engine water pump is a common problem and requires direct replacement of the water pump.

4. When starting a cold car, the engine idle speed is unstable, and the fault code shows that the fuel tank exhaust system flow rate is incorrect

This is usually a malfunction caused by the carbon canister solenoid valve. It can be seen from the data flow that when replacing the solenoid valve, it is important to perform computer matching after replacement.

5. The problem of the mixture being too thin

There are many reasons for the mixture to be too thin, such as exhaust valve problems, water leakage, fuel injector problems, etc., and specific problems need to be analyzed.

In addition to engine issues, a seven speed dual clutch transmission is also something to pay attention to.

If there are problems such as the wrench symbol on the dashboard gear display area, the car cannot move after shifting, no response when starting, the dashboard gear is not in P or N gear, and the car cannot shift gears normally, the electromechanical unit computer needs to be replaced. In addition, the common problem with wet dual clutch transmissions is pressure valve issues, which require maintenance of the transmission valve body.

Overall, besides burning oil being a major issue, all other issues with the EA888 engine are acceptable because of its excellent driving performance.

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